May 312012

The Porn World Versus the REAL WORLD!

  Gentlemen, I have wonderful news! There are thousands of sassy, horny c**-guzzling sluts out there! All kinds! Cougars! MILFs! Naughty secretaries! Raunchy lunch ladies! Barely legal! Not legal at all! Big tits! Big mouths!…Continue Reading

May 312012


  Dearest Heart! Darling Cherub! Star of Stars! My Equatorial Sun! You have betrayed me. I dare not ask *why* you’ve failed me, oh sweet dark angel! For years I have loved you completely with…Continue Reading

May 062012

The ANY Burg Address

  One score and seven years ago, my father brought forth upon my mother a new baby! Conceived by accident in the back of a Camaro and born into a nation dedicated the proposition that…Continue Reading

May 042012


  Last summer, during my period of *actual dating*, I hadn’t been looking for the love of my life or anything! I’d known better than to expect fireworks or shooting stars, I was simply trying…Continue Reading