Dec 262022

Cricket Revolution ( Pc Highly Compressed Full ) | 163 Mb [BETTER]

Cricket Revolution ( Pc Highly Compressed Full ) | 163 Mb [BETTER]


Cricket Revolution ( Pc Highly Compressed Full ) | 163 Mb

Play 2D cricket planning 3D. MAFIA RULES OF THE GAME Cricket Hack Machine. Put away the bat, grab a controller or your remote and find out how you can get the highest score against the other players. This game is a action-packed platformer complete with a lot of weapons and enemies, allowing you to complete more than 300 levels in this unusual sports game.The player can choose to play as batsman or bowler and control both roles by using the gamepad or connecting the device to the TV. The matches have 3 different stages: defence, attack, and overtime.Each stage, a match is divided into 2 phases:Defence – The stage begins with the players divided in pairs using a virtual field. In this stage, the two players on each pair are battling for their team’s base. In defence, a virtual ball may be struck on a player, and this may tempt the other player to contact (base) steal in retaliation. The first pair to base steal wins a point.Attack – The next stage alternates between players in the form of rounds. The aim is to score a number of goals by hitting the opponent across a virtual goal line. To achieve this, the player must strike a virtual ball towards the goal.The attacked player may attempt to steal the ball in a similar manner to the defence phase. This phase continues until 7 goals have been scored, at which point a shoot-out ensues to decide the winner.The winner of each shoot-out is worth 1 point.The game can also be played on multiplayer mode, a sports game where players and their friends compete online to win against other opponents. The friend’s can play through a web browser or download the app on their mobile phones for a fun and competitive challenge.


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