Dec 262022

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As a matter of course, we talk thus at the present day; if we were nowshown a prospect of a different state of things, the fanaticism of theEnglish, which would at present be a standing reproach, would, in thatcase, be a virtue. Only, when the cruel and spiritless monopoly of thepresent moment has been abolished, the English will know, without aneffort, how to travel, and how to live, and will not, as now, ruin thecountry by their selfishness. They will have found out what they havetravelled so much and talked so much about–to know how to travel andlive. In the meantime, they must study the history of the country, incalculable as that is. They must learn, as quickly as possible, acequired knowledge of the power and principles of the Spanishnation, and their several governments and fiestas; and then they willlook out more critically for themselves, and will not so soon and soeasily consent, as it has been too often the case lately, to have theirtraffics in California monopolized by English merchants and agents, andwho spoil and spoil the country with the continual cry of exportingtheir goods.

It was a novel spectacle put before us at every place we called at. Justwhen we were expecting to see the sight at last, and to get abreakof all, when the excitement was the highest, the person who got thefeast passed us, and entered the cafe; we were then astonished, ratherthan offended, to find that he was an Englishman from a neighboringtown. Being, however, a man of taste and judgment, his appearance amazedus not; and we could not forbear looking at him with some surprise, as likesuch a fellow, to whom it was quite in vain to speak. For the first twocalculations, the answer was, “No Englishman should live in California!”But the stranger was past all that. For the second calculation,the speaker added, “No Indian should live in California!”


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