Dec 192015


In my own personal transition into adulthood, I have seen many trends and fads in America that I have struggled to understand: Cargo pants! Sagging pants! Chain wallets! TOMMY jackets! TOMMY everything! Menudo! The Spice…Continue Reading

Sep 272011

Why Are Men Such Pansies?

Men. I miss men. REAL MEN, not the sissy boy, metro sexual pansies that are being produced today! They knew how to fix things, they’d drop everything to help you open a jar. They didn’t…Continue Reading

Jul 162011

Advice From Your Jaded Heroine

I think people are getting the wrong idea about me — as much as men make me want to gouge my own eyes out with a pair of child’s plastic scissors, I don’t hate them.…Continue Reading

Jul 102011

Becoming the Antiheroine!

I think I’m going to write a story with me in the role of the villain- antiheroine all the way. I’ll lie, I’ll use men for their money & connections, I’ll rip their hearts out,…Continue Reading

Jun 152011

Death to Dr. Phil!!!!!!!!!

Lately I’ve been getting a LOT of judgmental emails about my straightforward, wonderfully candid blogs and apparently you all think I’m a big, giant angry dater, ultimately destined to become an old maid until my…Continue Reading