Oct 242011


  I have been writing about bad dates and how stupid men are for most of my adult life, but it used to center around American men. There’d be an occasional Austrian that would stick…Continue Reading

Sep 272011

Cure Delusional Hotness!

Are you 45, attractive and single? Probably not.  But if you’re 45 and single, you must suddenly be under the impression that you are in fact attractive because so many women seem to be pursuing…Continue Reading

Jul 132011


I woke up this morning and the dog needed a walk. I had a man’s business shirt lying around, so I threw it on over my undies, covering all my unmentionables and took her out.…Continue Reading

Jun 202011

Captain Quesadilla and Me!

Captain Quesadilla and Me! First things first, every word I am about to tell you is true~ every single word, I swear to god. As anyone who has read my dating horror stories can imagine,…Continue Reading

Apr 042011

Jesus Was His Homeboy

The other night, I went out with a loon. Yes, my friends, Miss Brianne Sloan is beginning to notice that she herself is an out-and-out magnet for drop-dead crazy men and all major forms of…Continue Reading

Feb 282011

Bad Dates?

  Bad Dates Posted on February 28, 2011 by Bri After months and months of enduring the absolute WORST dates you could ever possibly imagine, I decided to take an extended break from the dating…Continue Reading