Apr 192012


  As of May 7th, I will have been alive 14,716,800 minutes. I know this because I’ll have been alive 10,220 days and there’s 1440 minutes in each day. Voila! 14,716,800 minutes! I only know…Continue Reading

Jun 152011

Death to Dr. Phil!!!!!!!!!

Lately I’ve been getting a LOT of judgmental emails about my straightforward, wonderfully candid blogs and apparently you all think I’m a big, giant angry dater, ultimately destined to become an old maid until my…Continue Reading

Feb 282011

Bad Dates?

  Bad Dates Posted on February 28, 2011 by Bri After months and months of enduring the absolute WORST dates you could ever possibly imagine, I decided to take an extended break from the dating…Continue Reading