Feb 172012



I recently read Romeo and Juliet, I’d never actually read it before. A great tragedy, a world famous love story, an enduring tale of star crossed young adults? Sure. But come on; I fail to see why this story is romantic in the slightest. I think it’s crap.

I mean, is it really such a tragedy? What would have happened to them had they lived? I’m sure Romeo would have made a positively charming bridegroom, so full of hope and promise, but he’d probably have ended up with a crappy, blue collar job that would shame the whole House of Capulet! He’d spend his days driving a horse-drawn, eight-seater carriage, but he’d spend weekends coaching jousting tournaments in the town square for the little ones! Juliet would be the team mom and she’d give lute lessons on the side for the underprivileged peasant children, but they’d be so busy trying to make ends meet that she and Romeo would slowly start growing apart.

One day she’d catch him doing balcony scenes with her buxom, rosy-cheeked chambermaid and to get back at him, she’d start screwing around with the stable boy! The relationship would go south and they’d start seeking couples therapy, only to find that what they’d had could not be glued back together again. There’d be divorce court and custody battles and then they’d REALLY start to wish they’d drank poison. Typical.

Just *my* thoughts.

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