Dec 262022

Heinemann Elt Toefl Preparation Course Audio [HOT]


Heinemann Elt Toefl Preparation Course Audio

The material is very easy to navigate, and there is plenty of backstory including why no longer is it fundamental to have a secondary home in the US, about the birth of Toefl resource sites, and how instead all of the basic raw materials needed to construct a resource site are freely available on the Internet. The multilingual heinemann is extremely comprehensive – it provides 988 entries for the 500 vocabulary list, and they’re all bilingual.]

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Losing 1) Watching a movie or a video 2) Taking a walk/hike 3) Going out for a coffee 4) Visiting the movies 5) Making a call to your friend. 6) Taking a nap. 7) Listening to music 8) Reading a book 9) Exercising 10) Watching TV 11) Sitting at your desk and doing nothing (instant) 12) Shopping.

And I like this book because I love pop music, and I know that the times that I would be listening to a music I would be able to name the songs and what story is being told in between the words. And that is very helpful when you are listening in on the exams,“Cause it’s like listening to other people singing your song.

The book features a complete TOEFL vocabulary / listening text with audio, an interactive TOEFL preference assessment test and ten practice tests, plus 68 checkpoints with answer prompts to support every exam skill.


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