Dec 262022

TurboCAD.Professional.v17.1.Build.49. With Serial Full [PORTABLE] Version

TurboCAD.Professional.v17.1.Build.49. With Serial Full [PORTABLE] Version

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TurboCAD.Professional.v17.1.Build.49. With Serial Full Version

In the past we have had to create stencils to cut out ACEs, create one for every part that uses them, using an old version of the software so the new software compiled with it, and then re-sealing or gluing the parts together so the case could be used. End result poor, but acceptable.

Instead, I was able to do just cut out / glue them which went a long way to making the tool. This was my 3rd design using the new program and I never encountered a problem or anything I ever had to do before.

Soon after using version 2 of the new program on the larger project I started the design of a replacement product for my current project. I designed a new 3D printed housing that is an improvement on the previous one. I expect trying to sell or even give one is a challenge.

The V-Strand design has been in existence for 30 years. I have worked at several firms and always had an EDA package on their desk. A couple of years ago, Autodesk announced their move to a subscription model. Well, without my knowledge, I was not able to update to the latest Autodesk. I found it after all, just in time for the annual 2/3 that I was paid for the year to pay a price that was now too high. I am not a big fan of Autodesk software now, so I will no longer use or design for them.

Well Autodesk did not stop there as they have announced that business will become the only option due to cost, even for a non-subscription license. I was a designer then, a firm with small sales and large clients. I could not afford the yearly subscription.


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