Dec 212011


I’m reading a book called “Necessary Losses“~ it’s about all the losses we need to go through in life to become a “whole person”. Apparently my life got all messed up because some doctor in Chicago decided to cut the umbilical cord! At this moment, I was ripped from the blissful, biological oneness of the womb and cast out into the cruel world without a job, an apartment or a car! I had NOTHING. I was so helpless!

Then my father never wanted to see me and my evil, sadistic mother was NO BETTER. The wretched woman would drop me off at Kinder Care EVERY FREAKING DAY, where I would have to sleep on a cold, hard plastic cot next to a bunch of other noisy kids who smelled like play doh and dirty diapers! And then after naptime, they’d subject me to torturous games like *MOTHER, MAY I?* and *DUCK, DUCK, GOOSE!* Day in and day out! IT NEVER CHANGED! And then one day, I got fed up~ I told them that if ONE MORE PERSON threw a freaking hot potato at me, I was going to throw my Spaghetti-O’s.

Alas! Despite my desperate pleas, I got another hot potato smack to the noggin! Right in the pigtails! So I snapped! I threw my Spaghetti-O’s! THEN I had to shamefully walk up to the front of the room and I had to take the clothespin with my name on it off the happy face board and move it to the sad face board ALL BY MYSELF in front of all the other smelly, crying brats! It was humiliating!

Then every morning, I would beg and plead with my mother not to leave me in this dreadful place, screaming and crying . . . but it wouldn’t help! Every day she would shove me into the arms of a daycare teacher I didn’t know very well and she would slam the door in my face! Then she’d come on back EIGHT HOURS LATER and she’d pick me up like nothing was wrong, like nothing had changed! And then I’d go home and eat my mac and cheese, slowly start to trust her again and then BAM! She’d do it all again the next day! Oh, the torture!

I’m glad I’m coming to terms w/ all this. What horrible, traumatic things to happen to a baby!

No wonder I’ve turned out the way I have!



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