Jun 182018


Dear Rapist~   Hello again, old buddy, old pal! I was just thinking it might be great to catch up on old times since it’s been so long! How’s the sex life going? Have you…Continue Reading

Aug 132012


Rejection. What a word. Rejection has been mentioned to me a lot lately and if there’s one thing a man fears more than being rejected, it’s being the one doing the rejecting. Telling a woman…Continue Reading

May 042012


  Last summer, during my period of *actual dating*, I hadn’t been looking for the love of my life or anything! I’d known better than to expect fireworks or shooting stars, I was simply trying…Continue Reading

Dec 022011

Dear Santa Baby!

Dear Santa! Hello there, you jolly old thing! Been awhile since I’ve written, I know, I know, but I have kind of a Christmas emergency: I have two million seconds to find a boyfriend before Christmas…Continue Reading

Sep 272011

Cure Delusional Hotness!

Are you 45, attractive and single? Probably not.  But if you’re 45 and single, you must suddenly be under the impression that you are in fact attractive because so many women seem to be pursuing…Continue Reading

Jul 102011

Becoming the Antiheroine!

I think I’m going to write a story with me in the role of the villain- antiheroine all the way. I’ll lie, I’ll use men for their money & connections, I’ll rip their hearts out,…Continue Reading

Jun 152011

Death to Dr. Phil!!!!!!!!!

Lately I’ve been getting a LOT of judgmental emails about my straightforward, wonderfully candid blogs and apparently you all think I’m a big, giant angry dater, ultimately destined to become an old maid until my…Continue Reading