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Directory/File-chooser tool provides users with a small GUI for those old DOS commands. With this program you can quickly and easily run programs with given file or directory input and output.







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Directory File-chooser Tool

What’s New In?

We need to find all files and directories within a specified folder and its subfolders that contain the “Anomaly” string within its name. These files/directories will be extracted to a new folder. I was using this in the past and it worked great. But after upgrading to windows 10, it does not work anymore. Any advice on how to fix this? Thank you! A: I was able to find a solution to my issue. Apparently the new Windows 10 had an issue with the application. Here is the information I found on how to re-install the software: Thank you @merthsp for your input! and have similar spatial densities. *L. dysceta* var. *saxatilis* is clearly distinguished from *L. dysceta* var. *dysceta* and *L. dysceta* var. *flacca* by several morphological characters, and therefore is maintained in the current arrangement. The specimens from the Bay of Bengal (*L. dysceta* var. *bougainvillei*) and those from India are likely to be conspecific. They are smaller in size and possess shorter stipes and shorter sterigmata. Based on their similarities, the specimens of this group are synonymized with *L. dysceta* var. *bougainvillei*. *Lygodium flabellatum* (R.Br.) K.S.Kumar & Murugesh. described from Penang, Malaysia, is a rare species found only in northern Thailand. Its morphology is very close to that of *L. dysceta* var. *flacca* (see above). *Lygodium flabellatum* is also reported from Malaysia (Batu, Sarawak) ([@B7]) and from India ([@B1]). Its *rrn*2 sequences are different from those of the type specimen and the population from India. Based on morphological characters, we conclude that this taxon is conspecific with *L. dysceta* var. *flacca*. *Lygodium asperulum* (Nees) Ching, L.H.Chen & Z.Z.Chen has a wide distribution and is found throughout the region of Indo-China. This species is smaller than *L. dysceta* (see above). It is distinguished from *L. dysceta* by the larger size of the male sterigma and the longer stipes. It is also distinguished by its keel-like stripes on the stipe surface and its parallel-stripe pattern on the leaves. These characters are relatively variable among the populations

System Requirements For Directory File-chooser Tool:

Minimum System Requirements: RAM: 1 GB 2 GB OS: Windows 10 64-bit Windows 7 64-bit Windows 8 64-bit Windows 10 64-bit Windows 7 64-bit Windows 8 64-bit DirectX Version DirectX 9.0 C++ and C DirectX 10 C++ and C DirectX 11 C++ and C DirectX 12 C++ and C CPU: 2.2 GHz CPU (recommended)

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