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Hello, Jeffrey Seaman!

Rooms to Go. Rooms to Go. Rooms to Go.

Ahhhhh, Rooms to Go! It’s your baby, Mr. Seaman and what a baby it is! Brightly colored signs and beautiful showrooms! Well dressed, polite sales people and more than one hundred stores in ten states! Annual revenues of 1.8 billion and WOW! It all grew from one simple idea of yours:

“Buy the piece, save a little. Buy the room, save a lot.”

It’s an interesting concept really, to sell whole room packages to the busy American Everyman! The ones with full time jobs and full time families, who plain don’t have the time to hunt around for the best deals on smart home decor! The ones would like to save a few pennies without sacrificing style, taste and quality!

I am sure you had the very best of intentions, Mr. Seaman, I honestly believe that! Maybe even once upon a time, your heart *was* in the right place . . . but now, you’ve created a monster.

I don’t know how much you keep up with (or even care about) the “little” people at your high and mighty, CEO/ “top of the food chain” level, but it’s bad~ you’re hurting people and I want to make sure you know about it.

Jeff Seaman, RTG CEO. Net Worth: 675 million


Look, Mr. Seaman, we’re both Floridians, so I’ll level with you~ not only does your “whole room package” brainchild appeal to busy, business world/ middle-class, white picket fence Americans, it also appealed to Hurricane Matthew victims. People whose homes were swiftly and totally destroyed, people who lost everything and had to replace it all once on a meager, meager budget of minimal government funding and heartfelt donations from friends and family. People like me.

When the salesman’s first name was “Matthew”, that should have been my first clue. MATTHEW SCHANK knew darn well I had CASH because my mother and I told him over and over . . . yet he still served me on a silver platter to your scuzzy Acceptance Now scumbags?

Whatever sort of commission Acceptance Now was paying him, I certainly hope it was worth costing me more than half of what my furniture was worth, on top of what I was already paying for it. I tell ya’, *I* thought Rooms to Go was a pretty respectable, high end establishment . . . I didn’t think I was doing a crack deal in a dark parking lot with a shoddy shyster furniture salesman.

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Another thing you need to know is that the polite, well dressed sales people? The ones who were so concerned about your “situation” and wanted to “help” you oh so badly? The ones who spent three hours helping you pick out furniture? Yeah. Them. The second you sign the dotted line, it’s all over~ they can’t “help” you anymore and as long as you signed that contract, it doesn’t matter. You’ve been thrown to the sharks, they’re getting paid either way . . .  and you?

YOU’RE getting screwed three ways to Rent A Center!

Of course, I am NOT stupid. I may have been hopeful, but I wasn’t stupid. I sat there with an Acceptance Now witch called Hannah [AND my mother] for TWO HOURS going over this contract; we went over it and over it and over it. I read the whole thing forward and backward, inquired about any fee or cost that was mentioned and was told, “Oh, no, that is only if you *don’t* pay it off in the first ninety days! This is a ninety day SAME AS CASH agreement, as long as you do your part, we stand to make NO MONEY on you. Zip. Then if you lose your job, we’ll make the payments for you . . . .”

And blah, blah, blah. Two hours of empty, useless fairy dust and I can prove it: I recorded that whole conversation.

Then as I started to realize I had paid over $2100 for $1300 worth of furniture, I was on the phone every day . . . and I still am. Every day, for months. The “District Manager” Scott has refused to give me his last name [a quick Google search told me it’s Scott Bunkosky], he has screamed at me and told me I don’t “matter” . . . oh! And Acceptance NowEmployees are “allowed to lie” to get me to sign their lousy, dishonest contract!: “Doesn’t matter what you were told, you still signed it . . . who signs something they don’t read?”

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Funny, I did read it. I was told any fees or extras were only if I did not pay it off in the first ninety days, which I very clearly did.

Then the “District Manager in TRAINING” [didn’t catch her name, doubt she gave it to me] has told me she has “more important things to do” than talk to me, like her (ahem!) “real job”;  she has threatened to have me prosecuted if I call again.

Then the “Regional Manager” [DENNIS] has never deigned to even speak to me, he is always “at the dentist”/ “playing golf”/ “getting a pedicure”/ SOMETHING! He recently told one of the Rent A Center operators:

“GAWD, tell her to write us a letter, not call every day! She’s not getting a refund, she signed the contract!”

Yet if they were in the *right* this whole time, why would they have to lie? Why would they charge me undisclosed “rent” on furniture that had not yet been built and refuse me my receipts? Why wouldn’t they want to talk to me?

(I don’t know about you, but when *I* am right and other people are wrong, I LOOOOOOVE talking about it! I can talk about it all day!)

My name is Brianne Sloan and I’m NOBODY. I know that I’m “nobody” because I’ve constantly, constantly been told so by your employees. “Nobody” or not, I bought furniture from YOU when I could have bought it from anybody; I deserve a little bit of kindness and respect.

Also I deserve some kind of fair resolution. I did everything right.

Hugs and Kisses!

Brianne Sloan

XoXoXo! <3

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  1. August 3, 2017 at 10:20 pm

    Hey Brianne! We are disappointed to learn of your recent experience and would be happy to help any way we can. Care to email us your order info and the details to -Melissa

    1. August 3, 2017 at 10:29 pm (Edit)

      Hi! The way I have been treated by the Rooms to Go staff is appalling and where I come from, this is NOT how you treat your customers. I am a PERSON, not a dollar sign.

      Another automated apology won’t help me, but just in case there is an actual *person* on the other end of this this thread, I’ve fully documented my heinous experience above for your reading pleasure! It’s a quick read and you’ll clearly see I deserve more than a further useless apology, automated or otherwise.

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