Apr 262012


I’ve been talking to a lot of the boys lately and oh my goodness! What *babies* they have become! Sissies! Pansies! It’s bad, so bad! They’re complaining (if you can believe it) that women take their numbers and never call! That hot chicks never message *them* on dating sites! And get this- some boys even complain that they never (gasp!) get picked up at bars!

Now give me a break. This isn’t funny anymore. You’re not playing the *game*, you’re not doing your job.

If you don’t do your job, I can’t do mine, so let’s just lay it on the table:

There is a movie I once saw, it’s some creepy and twisted, black and white Roman Polanski flick about this deeply troubled Belgian babe- I think it’s called *Repulsion.* In this movie, a gorgeous (sexually repressed and grossly disturbed) blonde is walking down the street- all these jerks are making lewd comments and suggestive remarks to her, but she’s had it with men! She’s got places to go and people to see! She can’t be bothered by stupid construction workers who are probably married anyway! She keeps walking . . . doesn’t even bat an eye at them!

*THEN* this super cute English guy spots her, through a window I think. He’s got to talk to her, got to meet her! This may be his only chance before she walks out of his life . . . *forever!* Marries some ass hat lawyer with bad hair and a drinking problem! So he chases her down the street, into a restaurant! Nothing is going to stop him from meeting her, making a date with her and he bugs her til she accepts! He isn’t rude, he isn’t annoying, he just wants to get to know the pretty lady! He smiles even as she rebuffs him!

This has to be you.

Now in this particular movie, the poor fellow ends up bludgeoned to death when the batshit crazy bitch bashes his brains in with a candlestick, but come on- we’re talking about a total knockout who just *may* be the love of your life!

This has to be a risk you’re willing to take.

My point is that women like to be pursued, we like to be chased and if *you’re* not willing to chase after us (no matter how coy or demure we act), most of us will wait for someone who is. If you’re out somewhere and you see this hot little number out shopping or sightseeing or skiing or whatever, by god! You’ve got *do* something! I don’t care if you want to marry her and bear her children or if you just want to take her home for some horozontal mambo and *maybe* breakfast, you must *do* something or she will never notice you! Chase her, call after her, do something to get her attention! Or she is going to walk out of your life . . . FOREVER!

Look, dude. There are more than seven billion people in this world. That’s SEVEN BILLION! Because I feel this is an important point, I will stress it one more time:


That, you poor, sweet sap, is a whooooole lot of people! You may never see this chick again, you’ve got to get her attention! Do what you can, get her to notice you! Be creative! It may work it, it may not, but what does it matter? If she laughs at you, you’ll recover- she’ll rebuff you and forget you or you’ll become that idiot who made her laugh on a day that was otherwise boring! Either way, you’ve got to do *something* . . . BE A MAN HERE! If you screw it up, no worries- there’s billions of other babes out there, but what if she’s it? What if this is *your* babe?

You’ve got to do this, buddy. You’ve got one shot! *ONE!* Make it count!

And *if* she bashes your brains in with a candlestick, take it in stride! It’s not really *that* big a loss, is it? Look at the bigger picture!

The world won’t stop spinning because it’s down *one guy*, will it?

There you go, kiddo. To you from me. Good luck!

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